Stella Dreis & Michael Stavaric

The little crow is baffled. From his nest looking over vast fields, he can watch a terrifying scarecrow dressed in rags flapping eerily in the wind. Someone must have put it there. Why do people do such things?

Why do they want to chase peaceful birds away? When even his mum couldn’t provide a sound answer, the little crow decided to emulate human beings. The result is a scareman, intended to terrify and shoo people away.

Remarkably, the birds’s plan is successful. Soon, however, he observes a small child burst into tears in panic after encountering his scareman. The crow is terribly embarrassed by what he sees and decides never to do anything like what he has just done again.

Selected by German Academy for Children and Youth Literature as Book of the Month May 2020.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-65-4
Format: 230 x 290 mm
Length: 40 pp.
DOP: October 2019
Price: 22 €

Hardcover with gatefold