Jutta Bücker

Book design Carsten Reitemeyer

From five years of age

Zorilla lives in a big city by the harbour – alone and withdrawn. When he leaves his house he turns up the collar of his coat and doesn’t look at anyone. What is he up to? Behind his back his neighbours tell all sorts of creepy stories about him.
They find out that Zorilla is building something. The people fear the worst, fuel each other’s anger and develop even wilder phantasies.
One evening things explode: the angry pack goes to Zorilla’s dwelling … and gets a big surprise!

Jutta Buecker’s story about Zorilla the loner tells of a society full of intolerance and fear of anything out of the ordinary. She shows that the harbour neighbourhood is acting irrationally because it dislikes anything foreign, and that this is the real danger.

ISBN: 978-3-942795-71-5
Format: 225 x 300 mm
Length: 36 pp.
ET: October 2018
Price: 22 €