Jutta Bücker

Book design Carsten Reitemeyer

Ages 5 +

People near the harbour are worried: a Zorilla marten has settled in their town. Nobody knows where it came from, nor why it has come. What is the animal up to?

All the while, frenzied tales of its antics spread until, one day, a crowd of very concerned locals marches to its abode and is, to put it mildly, quite surprised!
The first version of the marten’s story was written by Jutta Bücker more than ten years ago.

Her intention is not to preach but to invite readers to overcome their initial fears and engage in dialogue with what is thought to be so different.

A timeless and important story that can inspire courage and the overcoming of prejudice, to help everyone be more curious and interested in those they meet.

Rights sold to China.

Zorilla is a White Raven 2019.
On the list of “Der rote Elefant” 2019.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-71-5
Format: 225 x 300 mm
Length: 36 pp.
DOP: January 2019
Price: 20 €