Salted Milk. A story told in scraps.

Corinna Schmelter-Pourian & Anna Job
Salted Milk. A story told in scraps.
Book design: Theresa Schwietzer

Parenthood? Parent’s Joy?

In her poetical volume of stories, Anna Job deals with the most diverse aspects of the ventures of love and parenthood. She addresses what it is like to confront the temptations of freedom while longing for a close relationship. She talks about the magic of motherhood and the breaking points that come along with its joyful side. Of adventures and being determined to break the power of anxiety. And of what it’s like to love the sea.

The book also recounts how love, responsibility, motherhood and care don’t necessarily stand in contrast to freedom. It does so in melancholical, yet light footed poems and short prose. The texts are framed by the most charming colourful, figurative illustrations created by Corinna Schmelter-Pourian.

Corinna Schmelter-Pourian: “I chose digital drawings for this text. It was my first excursion into the digital world, as up to that point all my illustrations were based on analogous collages. I still love the combination of patterns and textures – especially those of (digital) crayons. The illustrations correspond to the fragmentary text in their snippy, associative character. They came to my mind immediately while reading the text, and I drew them exactly like they had first occurred to me – without a storyboard. I found scribbling much more exciting than editing. Thus, on the illustrated narrative level, the protagonist, sporting her characteristic hairstyle, moves through her unperfect, colourful life.”

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-32-1
Format: 200 x 200 mm
Length: 152 pp
DOP: 22. January 2024
Price: 26 €

Hardcover, Recycling paper