Vegetable friends

Sabine Kranz
Vegetable friends

A sumptuously illustrated vegetable cookery book.

Illustrator and passionate cook Sabine Kranz asked 63 vegetable friends for their culinary preferences and compiled the stunningly colourful results in this book.

The recipes are as diverse and individual as their authors, but all share a common focus: they foreground the preparation and enjoyment of fruit and vegetables – as a healthy form of self-love, as a way of life, and as a source of sensory enjoyment. Because cooking isn’t just about adding raw ingredients together. It also offers a way of connecting with traditions, cultures, and other people. Cooking creates community. Whether it’s an evening as a couple or with a large group of friends, a party or a picnic, a hot summer’s day or a cold winter’s evening, whether you’re short on time or a meticulous perfectionist, an amateur or a professional, someone looking to impress guests or a parent who simply wants to make the kids happy – this book offers something for almost every occasion and every type of cook.

Some recipes tell stories. They remind us of fond memories – perhaps because grandma gave them a special flavour with a particular ingredient. Some remind us of chance encounters, when we note down recipes while travelling or dining with friends, and others arrive on our doorstep inside a vegetable box delivery. And what would recipes be if we didn’t keep tweaking them with our own creative variations?

Sabine Kranz: “I love the look of screen printing, risograph printing, linocuts, and lithography – and I like working with reduced palettes and flat colours in my books. The mixed tones are created by overlapping the transparent colours. The biggest challenge is to avoid accidentally drawing with the wrong colour on a particular layer.”

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-38-3
Format: 200 x 225 mm
Length: 180 pp.
DOP: 19.09.2024
Price: ca. 32 €

Hardcover, Printing in special colors, with ribbon bookmark