Mr Momo’s Morning Stroll

Judith Auer & Luca Tortolini
Mr Momo’s Morning Stroll

Ages 5+

Do you know Mr Momo?
He lives on the top floor of the big palace by the park. Every morning, very early, he comes down and goes out for a long walk. Every day, no matter the weather, through the rain or the snow or when the sun is hot enough to melt stones. He never misses his stroll.

Mr Momo is a man of habit who has lots of adventures on his daily walk. He says hello to everyone (even statues), sometimes makes new friends, picks flowers and if he doesn’t happen to find any, he’ll buy a particularly fragrant specimen at the florist’s. From time to time he even rents a bike to go for a little ride. Every day he ends his stroll with a trip to the park museum where he has a very special job, a secret job that makes his heart sing.

This poetic tale by Luca Tortolini was translated from the Italian and impudently illustrated by Judith Auer. Many things happen between the lines and in the sometimes fantastical illustrations of this dreamy picture book.

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-18-5
Format: 207 x 273 mm
Length: 32 pages
DOP: 08.09.22
Price: 20 € (D) / 20,60 € (A)