A dress full of stories

Irene Berg & Ingrid Mennen
A dress full of stories
Translated from Afrikaans by Rolf Erdorf

Book design Suse Kopp
From 6 years of age

Tinka loves stories, letters and words. She makes a friend for herself out of newspaper and shows her her world.

From the perspective of an inquisitive, book-loving child, in this short poetic story Ingrid Mennen describes what else Tinka comes up with while discovering the world around her and trying to make sense of it, set in scene by Irene Berg’s calming and at times cautiously coloured illustrations.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-66-1
Format: 201 x 264 mm
Length: 52 pp.
DOP: 22. August 2018
Price: 22 €

Hardcover and fold-out pages