Wolf Bread

Wolf Bread

Illustration by Ulrike Möltgen
Text by Kilian Leypold
Book Design by Sonja Müller-Späth

For children aged 8 and above

Just imagine taking a long walk through a dark forest on your way to school! This happened in post-war Germany, in the 1940s …

On a bitter cold winter morning, even before the sun rises, the little boy has to hit the trail. How reassuring that his mom has provided him with a delicious sandwich, despite the poverty they were all going through.

Suddenly and unexpectedly he bumps into two very strange fellows that couldn’t look more unalike, but both as ravenous as wolves… What on earth might they be scheming? Scared and intrigued, the little boy does exactly the right thing to save his skin.

With an acute sense for infantile emotions, the authors show how reality and fantasy flow together in the formation of fear.

Reading recommendation from Kolibri.

On the list of “Der rote Elefant”.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-52-4
Format: 23 x 24 cm
Length: 32 pp.
DOP: January 2017
Price: 24 €

Hardcover, half-cloth, metallic embossing