Through the Woods

Through the Woods
Text and Illustration by Nele Palmtag
Bookdesign Karin Kröll and Susan Bauer

Tom Cat, Poodle and Peep lead a quiet life as Mrs Darling’s pets. They are cossetted and fussed over, and spend most of the time together at home.

But one day Mrs Darling falls off the ladder and is taken to hospital by ambulance. The animals are frantic, because they are suddenly all alone. Boldly they decide to set off for the hospital themselves.

The pampered pets’ risky journey through the woods, where they come across some roughish types, is told in witty rhymes and with humorous illustrations by Nele Palmtag. Will they ever be able to make friends with such wild animals?

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-56-2
Format: 24 x 28 cm
Length: 32 pp.
DOP: 30.08.2017
Price: 20 € (D)/20,60 € (A)/24 CHF

Hardcover, half-cloth, special colour