The Best-Witch-Test-Tournament

Monika Maslowska & Sabi Kasper
The Best-Witch-Test-Tournament

“In the beautiful witches’ land
a furious argument began
about who the best witch might be,
from Buckeltal to Kreuzberg three.”

Griselda Grauenstein, Tumina Tuempelschreck and all the other merry witches compete in the Best-Witch-Test-Tournament. The king is supposed to determine the winner, but he is soon caught up in the crazy effects of the overzealous magic spells. Can little Tilly Tupfen help him out of his predicament?

Sabi Kasper’s funny rhymes and Monika Maslowska’s magical acryl-india ink illustrations create a fabulous chaos of magic spells.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-69-2
Format: 210 x 297 mm
Length: 32 pp.
DOP: 22. August 2018
Price: 22 €