The Bears from Rue de l’Ours

Serge Bloch & Marie Desplechin
The Bears from Rue de l’Ours
Translated from French by Anne Thomas
Designed by Theresa Schwietzer

It is 1960, and in the Rue de l’Ours in Colmar there is a small kosher butcher’s shop — the only one that has survived the war. Aunt Thérèse serves at the counter, Uncle Georges does the books in the back room and out in the yard, Sylvain, the father, chops up the meat in his “laboratory”.

This is the setting for the Blochs’ lives, loves and squabbles. Life for little Serge revolves around the synagogue, school and the store, accompanied by all kinds of rituals and moments of childhood joy.

With the aid of Marie Desplechin’s sensitive text, Serge Bloch paints a portrait of his family where love wasn’t expressed in words, and where the importance of thinking for oneself and the idiosyncratic beauty of specific gestures were handed down from father to son.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-93-7
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