The Wondrous Story of Peter Schlemihl

The Wondrous Story of Peter Schlemihl

Illustration by Franziska Walther
Text by Adelbert von Chamisso

This is Adelbert von Chamisso’s (1781-1836) famous novella of the man who sold his shadow – a classic dealing with the old and still brand-new topics of social marginalization and isolation.

Chamisso, a descendent of French aristocrats who spent his life in Berlin, is regarded to be the first immigrant writer in German literary history; 200 years after his life, he became the name patron of the Chamisso Prize, to be given to outstanding authors of non-German descent writing in the German language.

Illustrator Franziska Walther transfers this classic to a contemporary setting, and thus makes the work understood in a present context.


  • Joseph-Binder-Award 2012 Gold
  • on the shortlist of the Most Beautiful German Books 2012, Stiftung Buchkunst/Foundation Book Art
  • Merit-Winner 3×3 ProShow 2012 (NYC)

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-00-5
Format: 13,9 x 21,1 cm
Length: 128 Pages
DOP: 2011
Price: 22,50 €

Hardcover, dust jacket, two bookmark ribbons