Paulette and Minosh

Raffaela Schöbitz & Kerstin Hau
Paulette and Minosh

The river carries a boat into the city. “Quick, quick! Hurry up!” people shout as they jostle in the streets. There’s great impatience and excitement on the boat too. Paulette is waiting for her Mimosa plant to flower and does everything she can to speed up the process. Meanwhile, her tomcat Minosh lies in wait outside a mousehole. He knows that everything takes its own sweet time.
When evening comes, Paulette is exhausted and falls into a deep sleep. She wakes the next morning to a huge surprise – and for a moment the clocks really do stand still.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-90-6
Format: 248 x 260 mm
Length: 32 Pages
DOP: 29.01.2021
Price: 20 € (D)/20,60 € (A)

Hardcover with partial UV varnish