No Room in the Forest

Annegret Ritter
No Room in the Forest
Book design claire Lenkova

The forest animals’ natural habitat is getting smaller and smaller. More and more of them are switching territory and moving to the city. Bruno the forester is worried about them because everything there is so unfamiliar and so different from the forest. However, the animals are resourceful enough to make a new home for themselves.

Annegret Ritter’s illustrations are teeming with streetwise forest animals who cope with the challenges of city life in their own special ways. Look closely and you can spot them in lots of different places – maybe even in your own neighbourhood.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-89-0
Format: 200 x 227 mm
Length: 36 pp.
DOP: 31.01.2020
Price: 22 € (D)/22,70 € (A)

Hardcover with partial UV varnish and fold-out pages