Just Like Friends

Just Like Friends
Text, Illustration and Book Design by Mirjam Zels

What child doesn’t know fear?

Some kids are apparently more afraid than others. Mirjam Zels draws a loving portrait of little Sophie who has a hard time keeping up with the rest. Everything seems to be all right in that ordinary town, but something’s different, and nobody really cares.

But then one day Sophie overcomes her inner daemon and makes friends with her fear, accepting the little monster as a rather helpful and protective pal.

In her tender and touching illustrations, Zels shows how the key to coming to grips with fear quite obviously lies within ourselves.

Rights sold to: China

Winner of Serafina 2017
German Design Award Winner 2018

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-51-7
Format: 23 x 26 cm
Length: 44 pp.
DOP: January 2017
Price: 22 €