It doesn´t fit

Mieke Scheier
It doesn’t fit

Silent Book
Ages 3+

Hidden on each right-hand page of this search-and-find book is an object that does not fit: it begins with the first main category. When you have found the main category, the aim is to find an object that is different and does not fit in this category.

On the next left-hand page the solution to the puzzle shows the object you are looking for in the wrong context. The next main category is connected to the object that didn’t fit from the previous page, and so on, so that you end up with a funny kind of chain.

Mieke Scheier cleverly disguises the oddballs – using pastel colour tones and scaled-down shapes – and draws both big and small perusers into her beautiful picture worlds.

While working on It doesn’t fit, she was inspired above all by various printing techniques such as silk-screen printing, lino printing and lithography. She experimented with lots of different textures, which she went on to integrate in her digital illustrations.

On the list of »Der Rote Elefant« 2019.

LesePeter December 2018.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-64-7
Format: 205 x 278 mm
Length: 28 pp.
DOP: 22. August 2018
Price: 20 €