Luke’s Power-Packed Pulse

Thomas Hartl & Mirjam Zels
Luke’s Power-Packed Pulse

Luke’s life is in a real mess. His mother is in a vegetative state, his father is losing his grip, and his sister is in the middle of puberty and anyway she’s useless. Luke has chucked in his old school because nothing seems to make any sense any more.

Now he’s supposed to start a new school, but he feels like a fish out of water there as well. Then he and Ali, a misfit, make friends. The two of them are not very alike, but they feel an affinity and become a kind of “magic duo” – two superheroes against the rest of the world.

When his mother’s health deteriorates and things come to a head, Luke sees red. He decides to take his revenge for all the unfairness that is dogging his life in one single night. In tandem with Ali. In this moment of crisis, the two friends surpass themselves and take drastic measures to achieve their goal and set the world to rights.

Thomas Hartl writes with great sensitivity and humour about the complex problems facing a 13-year-old boy, the vicissitudes of life, the power of friendship and being brave enough to take things into your own hands.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-98-2
Format: 140 x 200 mm
Length: 160 Pages
DOP: 29.01.2021
Price: 22 € (D)/22,70 € (A)

Hardcover with half-linen and ribbon bookmark