Wild Poppy Woman

Elke Ehninger & Sarah Knausenberger
Wild Poppy Woman
Book design Franziska Walther

Opening the newspaper one morning, Mia’s mother spots a small ad that turns her family life upside down. Without a second thought she decides to leave the father of her child and sets off into the unknown with her five-year-old daughter. But what seems like a promising adventure to her eager mother spells something completely different for Mia – the painful loss of her roots. She keeps having to get used to new surroundings and leave behind places and things she has come to know and love. But amid the many anxious and lonely times, Mia also enjoys fleeting moments of happiness.

-Nominated for Korbinian Paul Maar-Preis 2023.


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ISBN: 978-3-948743-25-3
Format: 170 x 240 mm
Length: 168 Pages
DOP: 27.01.2023
Price: 26 €