The Bear Does His Business

Linda Wolfsgruber
The Bear Does His Business
Book design Florian Albrecht

Plant a cherry stone and it can grow into a tree.

“In the middle of the forest was a small pond. Lots of animals came here because they enjoyed being by the water. One day, lots of houses sprang up around the pond. It was harder and harder to get to the waterside.

Far and wide, no bushes or trees to rest under, and no juicy herbs to make the animals strong. ‘We have to do something!’ they decided, and so they came up with a plan.”

This is their plan to take back their surroundings. The birds drop cherry stones over the town, the squirrels hide more nuts in the cracks in the walls than they can possibly eat, and what does the bear do? He does a poo. Wonderful things sprout from it the next spring, and humans fall in love with nature again.

An utopian tale with few words and lots of lovely pictures by Linda Wolfsgruber.

On the list of »Der Rote Elefant«

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-13-0
Format: 226 x 320 mm
Length: 32 pp.
DOP: 18.08.2021
Price: € 20 (D) / 20,60 € (A)

Hardcover with partial glitter varnish