But Dad is Not an Alien

But Dad is Not an Alien

Text and Illustration by Anna Boulanger
Translation from French by Anne Thomas
Book Design by Cecilia Holtgreve

Not quite an extraterrestrial, but a really smart picture book!

Anne Boulanger’s mindfully illustrated story deals with offensive language often inconsiderately used when talking about homosexuals. The text features a small son’s naïve voice, who is puzzled as to why his father is being called weird names.

The sensitive sequence of images is confronted with the confused questions of the little boy. In this way, the insult and the prejudice which are inherent in the expressions are being exposed, and the phrases are reduced to absurdity.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-43-2
Format: 28 x 18 cm
Length: 40 pp.
DOP: Sep/Oct 2016
Price: 20 €