Alula – The Garden / The Jungle

Reto Crameri
Alula – The Garden / The Jungle

Silent Book and Reversal Book

Children’s games open a door into a fantastic world we will call Alula, a place full of adventures and surprises, danger and exotic creatures. Alula is also a special kind of word – a palindrome. Read it backwards and see!
Two children are tracking a cat – or is it an exotic butterfly they’re following? In this reversible book without words, Reto Crameri gives two different versions of a daring expedition. One story shows two children playing in a garden. They spot a cat and then follow it through long grass past a hose, along a washing line and flowerbeds, to a pond. Read the book the other way around, though, and an innocent garden hunt becomes an intrepid journey through thick jungle. The cat turns into a colourful butterfly, the hose becomes a giant snake and instead of moving hand over hand along a washing line, the children swing through the air on long vines.
The charming illustrations offer a creative take on the role of imagination in children’s playing.

  • nominated for Serafina 2023
  • The Best German Book Design 2023 by Stiftung Buchkunst
  • White Raven 2023
  • nominated for the Schweizer Kinder – und Jugendbuchpreis 2024
  • among the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks 2024


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ISBN: 978-3-948743-26-0
Format: 184 x 245 mm
Length: 56 Pages
DOP: 27.01.2023
Price: 24 €

Hardcover, Printing in four special colours, Silent Book, Reversal Book