Oh Louise!

Franziska Neubert & Jürgen Banscherus
Oh Louise!

Louise is a very normal child – apart from the fact that everything she does goes hopelessly wrong. She even manages to leave a trail of devastation as a baby in her pram. As a young girl she accidentally lets a herd of horses run wild through the city and drains all the water from the sea. At each new gaffe the grownups exclaim “Oh Louise!”.
It is therefore entirely foreseeable that a visit to a rocket launchpad winds up with Louise being shot into space. On an alien planet she runs into a boy called Louis, who is in the same situation. The two children join forces to show what you can achieve with a little cunning and a lot of self-confidence.
Jürgen Banscherus has written an absurd and funny story that will appeal to all the kids who cannot help putting their foot in it. Franziska Neubert designed the sometimes humorous, sometimes dreamy woodcuts that illustrate Louise’s adventures.

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-07-9
Format: 207 x 290 mm
Length: 32 Pages
DOP: 17.02.2023
Price: 22 €