A Chunk of Cheese

Judith Auer
A Chunk of Cheese

Ages 4+

On the lookout for a tasty breakfast, the raven comes across a chunk of cheese. It carries the cheese off happily to a tall tree where it intends to savour it in peace. Just then the fox appears. He has his own designs on the chunk of cheese.

Aesop wrote the original version of this beloved fable about the fox and the raven as a caution against false flattery for his audience in ancient Greece. In the centuries since, it has been retold and represented many times in art and literature.

In her first children’s book, Judith Auer retells the story in her own words. Using fine shading with coloured pencils on textured paper, she breathes new life into the well-known story, and her graphic style gives it a modern aesthetic feel.

Nominated for Serafina 2020.
A White Raven 2020.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-91-3
Format: 210 x 264 mm
Length: 32 pp.
DOP: 31.01.2020
Price: 20 € (D)/20,60 € (A)