Cloud Animals and the Square

Anna Gusella
Cloud Animals and the Square
Ages 6 +

Clouds can form any shape they want – animals, plants, faces and many more things. They look soft and fluffy, float through the sky and generally take it easy. Not all clouds are happy with this stereotypical existence, though.
One particularly headstrong cloud just loves experimenting. It seems to have an inexhaustible trove of shapes – from a Christmas tree to a fluted cake, fantastical forms and geometric shapes. When it turns into a square, even the humans down below take notice. Despite its adventurous life, though, it feels an inexplicable sense of nostalgia. Then, one days, the wind carries it off into uncharted territory where our little cloud suddenly undergoes a new kind of change . . . and the ending becomes a new beginning.

Anna Gusella tells a little story in big pictures. Her light, poetic, humorous style sweeps readers away into a world full of imagination, wide-open spaces and fun.

  • among the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks 2024

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-27-7
Format: 175 x 252 mm
Length: 84 pp.
DOP: 10.07.2023
Price: 25€ (D)