Illustrated by Franziska Neubert
Text by Nina Jäckle

Do you like surprise endings? A man suddenly finds himself alone overnight. In his formerly shared, now empty apartment, he passes his days listening to footsteps and watching his surroundings. Until at last he decides to leave his nest and visit his neighbor… not a good idea?

The nostalgic mood of Nina Jäckle’s story is reflected in Franziska Neubert’s artful wood cuts.


  • Advancement Award of Hans-Meid-Stiftung
  • Ars Lipsiensis Award

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-24-1
Format: 20,1 x 26,4 cm
Length: 48 Pages
DOP: 15. September 2014
Price: 22,50 €

Hardcover, cloth, dust jacket