The Pullover

Yvonne Kuschel
The Pullover
– A love story

When mothers knit pullovers for their sons, they are not always greeted with enthusiasm. Sometimes they are too warm. Sometimes they have a strange smell. Sometimes they are scratchy. And then: these colours! The situation doesn’t even change when they turn into men.

This book is about a mother, her grown-up son and a hand-made pullover.

But there is something different about this pullover. Is it the translucent wool? Its fluffiness? Its scent of meadow flowers and freshly baked bread?
And is it possible that mother didn’t knit it at all?

As it happens, the pullover marks the beginning of a series of dreams that reveal the man’s deepest longings. But what would dreams be if they didn’t give life a bit of a boost now and again?

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-67-8
Format: 145 x 203 mm
Length: 48 pp.
DOP: September 2018
Price: 24 €