Really, Roast Dog Sweet-and-Sour? Chinese Home Cooking

Really, Roast Dog Sweet-and-Sour? Chinese Home Cooking
Text and Illustration by Pei-Yu Chang

A cook book beyond cliché!
Chinese author Pei-Yu Chang takes a glimpse at the cuisine of her home country. A variety of dishes is presented here, ranging from Eggplant with Holy Basil, to Intoxicated Shrimps in Shaoxing Rice Wine or Chicken Chestnut Stew.

Chang explains traditional cooking methods like stir fry, or cold-mixed fresh and light dishes. On top of that, the author’s humoristic collages make this collection a special treat – guaranteed to stir up your appetite and desire to experiment on the spot! And, needless to say, we all really love our dogs.

The book is on the shortlist 2017 of »The Beauty and the Book Award«.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-44-9
Format: 19 x 25 cm
Length: 72 pp.
DOP: October 2016
Price: 22 €