Leonora Leitl
My amazing summer with a goat

Children´s novel
Ages 8+

Arthur’s family moved to their new house on the edge of the woods because it was nice and peaceful there. What nine-year-old Arthur never imagined was how soon this peace would be broken. All of a sudden, the goat belonging to his new friend Fanny and her brother Freddy starts to speak. Emperor Caesar Napoleon Alexander the Great, to give the animal its full title, has all kinds of lordly wishes that keep the three children on their toes.
But the chaos only really starts when the friends’ fathers start arguing over a bit of woodland. The two men couldn’t be less alike: one is an architect with ambitious plans, the other an eccentric shaman. Then again, maybe an imperial goat can help them put aside their differences?
A wonderfully funny tale of how, with the right friends and a few cunning ideas, you can cope with anything – even talking goat emperors and pig-headed fathers. A story with colour illustrations by Leonora Leitl.

  • White Raven 2022
  • Selected from Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur for the Book of the Month June 2022
  • Selected as a reading recommendation by the jury of the Austrian Children´s and Youth Book Prize 2023

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-08-6
Format: 160 x 230 mm
Length: 208 pages
DOP: 15.03.2022
Price: 24 € (D) / 24,70 € (A)