Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening. A Child‘s Tragedy

Illustration by Roberta Bergmann
Text by Frank Wedekind

The German writer Frank Wedekind’s works were often censored in the 19th century. They turned against the educational principles and limited, middle-class morals of his times. In Frühlings Erwachen, a drama written in his mid-twenties, he employs the suicide of a school friend to portray the situation of a young generation which lacks access to sexual information.

Roberta Bergman has created a magnificient frame for this book. Her illustrations are reminiscent of the art-deco style of the period, yet these have a direct, contemporary appeal. The design appears both unusual but rooted in classical drama. This book pairs her striking images with a classic text to raise significant issues.

These illustrations have been nominated for the German Design Award 2015.


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ISBN: 978-3-942795-16-6
Format: 15,5 x 24 cm
Length: 96 Pages
DOP: March 2014
Price: 24,50 €

Hardcover, cloth, cover poster

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