The Flickering

Verena Hochleitner
The Flickering

YA novel containing 140 pages of graphic novel sequences
Ages 12+

At first glance, Sydney, Nico and Katha don’t have much in common.
Sydney has moved house and changed school many times. Yet again he is the new boy in the class and he would really just like to settle down somewhere for once.
Nico is good at making herself invisible, but sometimes she would love to feel the way she does when she’s climbing – self-confident, relaxed and safe. Unfortunately, no one at school knows that side of her.
Katha doesn’t give much away about herself. During lessons she is usually busy drawing and listening to music, and she still has no trouble being one of the best in the class. Her “dysfunctional” family – that’s the term in the school doctor’s file – is something she prefers to keep secret from her classmates.
Then, one day, an awkward fall jumping off a bus, some shoplifting and Pizzeria Anarchia, the new punk pizzeria in Katha’s building, unexpectedly bring Sydney, Nico and Katha together. Their budding friendship is strengthened by the experience of losing touch with the rest of their class during a hiking trip and having to spend a night in the wilderness. This welds them together, and so Sydney and Nico are on the scene when the authorities move in to clear the block of flats Katha and her mother live in.

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-09-3
Format: 170 x 230 mm
Length: 352 pp.
DOP: 14.08.2023
Price: 26 € (D)/ 26,80 € (A)

Flexcover with thread stitching, printed in special colours