The Never-ending Forest

Julia Schlosser
The Never-ending Forest
Book design Franziska Walther

Ages 6 +

“Tonight the forest wakes the fox earlier than usual. The cool evening air seeps down into the fox’s den. Something is different. The tree roots quiver almost imperceptibly. Countless sounds rise up out of the ground. The fox learned at a young age to interpret these noises, but tonight they sound different.”
With her magical pencil drawings and a few carefully chosen words, Julia Schlosser carries us off into a forest in the throes of change. We follow the little fox as it roams among the trees, listening to the stories that the other creatures tell it. But there is also a worrying rumble that the fox traces to a pair of gigantic, angry hands tearing up the soil. The fox flees, but where can it go? It has heard somewhere that there is another forest – the never-ending forest. But does it really exist?

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-24-6
Format: 245 x 310 mm
Length: 36 pp.
DOP: 10.07.23
Price: 25€ (D)

Hardcover in duplex print with decorative ink