Fish Village

Pei-Yu Chang & Daniel Fehr
Fish Village

Joan, his sister and their parents are setting off on holiday. The female first-person narrator has to sit in the back with her father, who is bugging her with questions about school and marks. All of a sudden, Joan claims he has spotted a church tower in a lake. At first his sister is sceptical, but she really sits up and takes notice when their mother says she can see it too.
What is a church tower doing in the water, and what else might be hiding under the surface? Could there even be a fish vicar or a school for fish children down there? Joan and his sister come up with all kinds of imaginative ideas about what this underwater world might look like.

Daniel Fehr’s story was inspired by the drowned church in the Reschensee in Tyrol. Pei-Yu Chang’s colourful collage illustrations combine beautifully with original photographs of the mountains before the valley was dammed and the village flooded.

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-12-3
Format: 220 x 280 mm
Length: 32 Pages
DOP: 24.02.2023
Price: 22 €