Clara’s way to school

Charlotte Müller
Clara’s way to school
Book design: Christiane Dunkel-Koberg

Clara lives in a big city. Every day she rides her bicycle to school. It is a long distance, but she never gets bored. There is always something new to discover. The seasons change and along with them do weather and nature. In winter, it is pitch dark outside and Clara rides into the sunset. In spring, the temperatures are mild and the birds are singing. There are construction sites, wild animals, the cherry blooming season, special bicycles – a broad variety of ever new attractions. And some days, Clara drifts off into a dream – and in her imagination, her way to school looks completely different!

This colourful mixture of a pictorial puzzle book, a narrating picture book and imaginative illustration makes you want to pick up your own bicycle and rediscover your well-known routes.

Charlotte Müller: “Once I actually start, I have already been developing the images and the text structure in my mind for some time. Then I start drawing sketches which I elaborate step by step: first with the pencil, then with a fineliner and ultimately with gouache or artistic water colour. While drawing, some new ideas may emerge, and once everything is finished, I submit some of the images to a digital post-editing.”

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-31-4
Format: 210 x 297 mm
Length: 56 pp
DOP: 26.02.2024
Price: 24 € (D)