Or Ice Rams

Mareike Engelke & Rike Dust
Or Ice Rams
Designed by Mareike Engelke

Bob is a pretty lonely mountain. No one wants to climb him or sledge down from his peak. That’s because Bob is an extremely soft mountain. Anyone who sets foot on him immediately sinks in, unable to take another step.

Bob has got used to his monotonous life, but one day he receives an unexpected visit from the extraordinary ice-cream seller Aurora. Soon afterwards, a rebellious swallow called Emma arrives, and Bob’s life is turned upside down…

A quirky, tumultuous and funny story about a very special mountain who finds friends and a new purpose in life.

Children never think it’s too cold for ice cream. Only parents do.

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ISBN: 978-3-942795-94-4
Format: 170 x 240 mm
Length: 52 pp.
DOP: 15.07.2020
Price: 22 € (D)/22,70 € (A)

Hardcover with partial UV varnish