Alberta’s Shop of Dreams

Martina Walther
Alberta’s Shop of Dreams
Book design: André Meier and Franziska Kolb, meierkolb

Business is quiet at Alberta’s secondhand shop in a little seaside town. She spends most of the time alone, mending and polishing and cleaning things. One day, however, a man desperately searching for a parking space triggers gossip that there is something extra-special about Alberta’s shop. People come flooding in, each with their own particular request: a chair with a long back and short legs, a grumpy cloud, more pepper in their life, an inflatable dumbbell . . . Alberta darts eagerly back and forth among the crowded shelves, looking for a fitting item – and she always comes up with the right answer.
Then one day Alberta’s loyalest customer, Pepe the fisherman, comes to town again and asks her the question that changes everything.

  • Alberta’s Shop of Dreams is selected from Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur for the Book of the Month March 2023.
  • Nominated for Serafina 2023
  • selected for “The Braw Amazing Bookshelf 2024”



Rights sold to: North Macedonia

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-03-1
Format: 203 x 290 mm
Length: 44 Pages
DOP: 27.01.2023
Price: 24 €

Hardcover with pearl effect