Alberta’s Shop of Dreams

Martina Walther
Alberta’s Shop of Dreams
Book design: André Meier and Franziska Kolb, meierkolb

Business is quiet at Alberta’s secondhand shop in a little seaside town. She spends most of the time alone, mending and polishing and cleaning things. One day, however, a man desperately searching for a parking space triggers gossip that there is something extra-special about Alberta’s shop. People come flooding in, each with their own particular request: a chair with a long back and short legs, a grumpy cloud, more pepper in their life, an inflatable dumbbell . . . Alberta darts eagerly back and forth among the crowded shelves, looking for a fitting item – and she always comes up with the right answer.
Then one day Alberta’s loyalest customer, Pepe the fisherman, comes to town again and asks her the question that changes everything.

Alberta’s Shop of Dreams is selected from Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur for the Book of the Month March 2023.

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ISBN: 978-3-948743-03-1
Format: 203 x 290 mm
Length: 44 Pages
DOP: 27.01.2023
Price: 24 €

Hardcover with pearl effect